L450VA - Vista ABI

The Vista ABI is a full-featured ABI system designed to make the ABI exam faster and easier to conduct, interpret and document. Navigate through the system using an on-screen guide and hand-held controller.

The Vista ABI was designed to accommodate single level exams and can be ordered with optional PC software and PPG probe. The Vista ABI does not accommodate segmental exams, our Vista AVS (L500VA) was designed for segmental procedures.

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Reimbursement for Arterial Exams:

Visit our literature section for complete details on reimbursement.

System Includes:

Two Modalities:

Doppler and Pulse Volume Recording (PVR). Having these two modalities provides flexibility when conducting arterial exams. The system can accommodate almost any patient or condition.

Optional Dual Ankle Pressures:

The Vista ABI is now able to obtain pressures at two ankle sites (DP and PT) to conform with CPT code 93922¹ 2011 changes.

Automatic Cuff Inflation/Deflation:

Fast inflation and deflation along with automatic calculation of ABI indices expedites the exam.

Seated ABI Exam:

A first in the market, assess patients with mobility impairments. Clinically proven device that compensates for the effect of gravity. Validation performed at the Cleveland Clinic. U.S. Patent Pending


PC Reporting:

Full page reporting and storage of exams on your computer system. Download from Vista ABI using USB cable provided with system.

EMR Interface:

Export files to pdf or csv file formats for integration into your EMR system.

TBI Exams:

Measure toe pressures for patients with noncompressible arteries. The PPG probe can also be used to obtain limb pressures for the supine ABI and segmental exams.

L450PG - Optional PPG Package                    L450SF - Optional Software Package  

K290 - Optional Cuff Slector

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